It’s an honor.

Wow, the amazing people and stunning surroundings here in Arkansas have been nothing but inspiring… dare we say breathtaking. Sure, we’re new here, but we’ve never felt more at home in Central Arkansas than anywhere else we’ve hung our hat. Those factors are the driving force and inspiration behind the desire to give back to this incredible community, to assist in building successful businesses, and contribute to a stronger more vibrant Arkansas.

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How we do it.

When we build partnerships, we believe in building relationships. Relationships that surpass the possibilities and place confidence in knowing we’ll do things right while valuing our clients and the communities they serve. Covering three decades of experience in design, media, and visual communications, you can be confident that Twist can assist you in finding success across all your media communications, advertising, and branding needs, from print to digital platforms.

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Meet the twisted crew.

Our personal messages to you.

I'm flippin’ tellin’ ya…

Funny thing happened on my way to… Oh wait that’s for another time. It all started when I was very young — true story, seriously — I’ve always had the tickle for being creative since. I love art and design and my interests encompass visual communication and design across all media. I have a passion for… playing the drums (not a talent), KISS, Johnny Cash, Chicago and Memphis Blues, fly fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, the outdoors, binge watching YouTube, being an MC and DJ (once a radio DJ, too long as a wedding DJ), Podcasting… I started rambling, let’s just say many things.

Peter Bella, Founder

Creating and making excite me…

I’m a creative with a passion for media of many flavors, focusing on video and branching out to photography and design. I maintain a heightened interest in the cross between creative and commercial multimedia applications, making me a well rounded individual eager to produce multimedia content that’s well above satisfactory. I also have a very prominent love for the art of making things with my hands. Adam Savage and Jimmy DiResta are my major role models and inspirations. I like making costumes, prop replicas and 3D printing projects, and LEGO builds. Yes, that’s a LEGO bow tie in the photo.

Caleb Fairres, Partner

It's creativity and storytelling…

I spent 25 years as a radio personality and award-winning commercial producer. Some may remember me when I was on Magic 105 or The Point 94.1 in Little Rock. I’ve been a videographer since 2005. So in 2014, when the radio thing ended, the natural transition was for me to take on video full time. Not only was it something I already had a head start on, but it allows me to continue to let my creativity out. Since officially launching Sharpe Videography with my wife Angela in 2014, We have had the opportunity to video some amazing people in some equally amazing locations like Puerto Rico and The Masters in Augusta, GA.

Sharpe Dunaway, Partner | Consulting