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Bobs Mug Coffee

High quality, roast-to-order coffee shipped directly to you. Bob's Mug Coffee proudly supports life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses with 5% of their quarterly profits donated to Make-A-Wish!

Bobs Mug Coffee, Sherwood, Arkansas

Bob’s Mug Coffee is a high quality, online, roast-to-order coffee roaster that ships directly to you. Their coffee is simply exceptional and fuel for the soul. Bobby and April Young of Bobs Mug Coffee are remarkable people with hearts of gold and among the most compassionate people we’ve ever meet. Bob’s Mug Coffee proudly supports life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses with 5% of their quarterly profits donated to Make-A-Wish, simply extraordinary!

Their coffee is just as phenomenal, here’s what their customers have to say… “I can’t go back to normal coffee now. I LOVE BOBS MUG COFFEE.” “It’s so delicious! Excellent quality 5 stars.” “Great coffee i highly recommend it.” “There is no going back to my previous brand. I’m hooked.” With such impressive customer feedback and love for Bobs Mug Coffee we knew we had to celebrate that aspect of the brand as well as Bobby and Aprils charisma, personality, and good nature.

In our briefing and initial research phase of the project we learned more about their coffee, their individuality, and their passion for an easygoing lifestyle in the form of enjoying nature through camping and RVing. The connection between enjoying coffee and enjoying nature seemed too easy, almost — natural. Was it coincidental, we’d like to think not.

A coffee lovers nature is to enjoy the refreshing brew for its stress reduction properties and relaxation, the same reasons we enjoy the outdoors. Taking a break, finding the passion for relaxation, leisurely enjoyment, and a moment to leave your stresses behind is exactly what Bobs Mug Coffee provides. When creating their brand message and identity we believed we captured just that.

When writing copy for their promotional videos we echoed the brand with lines like, “Bobs Mug Coffee is premium fuel made for those high-octane journeys, wherever they lead, the fire fueling your journeys, however they unfold,” and “encourages two things an adventure should never lack, coffee and company.” We’re proud to have assisted Bobby and April and we hope we inspire you to be one with nature in their brand slogan, “Join the Journey.”

The promotional video campaign continues these ideals through messages that connect the healing powers of nature, the bonding of the human soul, and the relaxation of the aromatic and flavors of a fine roasted coffee. They encourage us to disconnect for a moment and to enjoy the simplicity of the world which surrounds us.

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